13 March

Club Doncaster Foundation celebrate "Ride To Work" week

Club Doncaster Foundation are celebrating Love To Ride’s ‘Ride To Work’ week with staff and students swapping four wheels for two on their commute into the Keepmoat Stadium.

The week fits in perfectly with Club Doncaster Foundation’s bike library and cycle scheme initiatives, and so far the group have managed to cycle an impressive 84 miles between them.

With five days left of the week, it is expected the miles will rack up as the team commit to the whole duration.

Health and wellbeing coordinator, Scott Copeland commented: “We were proud to get on board with this fantastic idea, it fits in with all our existing projects and was a fun way to get the whole office engaged.

 “We’re always hammering the benefits of cycling, it’s one of the best cardiovascular workouts you can do as well as the environmental benefits it can have if you’re swapping your transportation methods, so it was fantastic to get so many staff and students involved.

“We have lots of great cycling projects and groups that cater for all the community, all easily assessable and affordable. It will be great to see more new faces after this great week.”

Love To Ride have set up the week to get more people across the country engaged and involved with cycling, with the opportunity to win some fantastic prizes whilst reducing your carbon footprint and improving your fitness.

If you are interested in taking part in the week, Club Doncaster Foundation offer the chance to borrow bikes and equipment free of charge via their bike library based at the Keepmoat Stadium, thanks to funding from DMBC.

For more information, contact the team on 01302 764663.

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