11 December

Connor uses bike library to commute to work

After successfully completing his bikeability course with Club Doncaster Foundation, a participant from the People Focused Group has now decided to borrow a bike long term from the bike library.

Connor is part of the PFG, Doncaster, a group using peer support methods and together they have learnt how to safely ride a bike on the roads.

He has now decided put the training into practice and borrow a bike to make journeys to work after securing paid employment at Debenhams through the Doncaster Council’s Ambition Project.

Delighted with the opportunity, Connor said: “Doing the bikeability course has given me a lot of confidence both to cycle to work but also in a work environment.”

It’s great that I can borrow a bike free of charge from the bike library, public transport can be quite expensive so it is saving me a lot of money and time.”

Aware of the recent change in his physical health, Connor also commented on the benefits from making a small lifestyle change.

He continued: “I feel like I’m losing weight too, I think it is a mixture of my new active travel and being on my feet at work, so I’m pleased!”

Funded by Yorkshire Bank, bike libraries across Yorkshire allow anyone to borrow a bike and encourage physical activity free of charge.

If you are interested in borrowing a bike, all you need is photo ID and a £10 deposit, which will be refunded when you return the bike.

For more information about the bike library located at Club Doncaster Foundation, get in touch with the team on 01302 764663 / scott.copeland@clubdoncasterfoundation.co.uk.

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