09 November

Fit Rovers course 5 impress at half way stage.

An incredible combined three and a half stone was shed from course five of Fit Rovers tonight, at just the half way stage.

The group have worked tirelessly for four weeks and were rewarded with the fantastic news at their half way weigh-in.

A big chunk of the weight loss came from Derek Bucknall who on his own lost an incredible 1st 3lb.

He said: “I can’t believe I’ve lost so much weight, the 1 stone mark was my goal for the end of the course, let alone at just the half way point, so I’m delighted.”

“I really would recommend the course to anyone. The information and the quality of sessions is second to none, I’m so glad I signed up.”

Course facilitator, Scott Copeland added: “I’m delighted with Derek, he really has worked hard but the whole group are a joy to work with and there’s nothing better than them reaching their goals.”

“It really drills home what a huge difference Fit Rovers can make to anyone wanting to make lifestyle changes.”

The group now have four more weeks to continue their impressive results before they can go on to the Fit Rovers Vets sessions, which also take place on a Thursday night.

For more information contact the team on 01302 764663.

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